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wowwww i haven't been on here for soooo
long! well... things have changed lol.
I am currently single, working at the
westwood plaza theatre, and living
life! hmm well this is just a start
again. we shall see how well this goes.

I swear it feels like the last few nights
We been everywhere and back
But I just can’t remember it all

- Over by Drake
yay for 4 day weekends!
i should have studied for
environmental but it's ok
i read most of the chapter.
friday i hung out with justin
then saturday i went and babysat
from 6:30 to 2:30 -_- but it
was worth it... even though we
really wanted to chill with biss
oh well, some other time. then
sunday karl came over! i played
fucking halo all god damn day
on live. then yesterday ryan
and jake hung out with me and
we played on ryan's ps3. i really
want to get justin a psp for chris-
tmas and i think it is quite possible.
=] i have been wanting to get him it for
a while. also, i wrote this poem about
the cottage and butza the other day
at iup celebrating literacy and i
cried. OH SHIT. im gonna be 18.
im excited but then i'm just getting
myself excited for nothing lol. i
can't wait to get my license so
me and jake can go to ogletown..
and the cottage.. and just spend
as much time together before i leave
my house. i can't wait to go to college
because i hate all these dicks in high
school. i want out in the worst way.
i just can't wait til everyone in highschool
notices one day that " wow this shit doesn't
really matter later on in life... talking about
how that girl looks poor everyday... talking about
how my hair is never how i want it.. that stuff
actually doesn't matter." yeah. suck it.
all i want for my birthday is love.
i just want my family to be happy and justin to be
with us... okay i also want three cheese raviolis
but that's beside the point lol. =D

Why do I have a conscience?
All it does is fuck with me.
Why do I have this torment?
All I want to do is fuck it away.

- Trash by Korn
well... i haven't been on here since
the beginning of the summer.. so i thought
i should start again.
this summer i got engaged to justin. woot.
and idk.. i had a lot of fun this summer!
now im back in school.. and it's actually
enjoyable.. and i love all of my classes
this year. =]
i love getting along with everyone in my
grade. it seriously makes me feel like a
better person... but some things are just
impossible to get along with hahhhahaha

No hesitation, no delay
You come on just like special k
Just like I swallowed half my stash
I never ever wanna crash

- Special K by Placebo
HAHAHA fjaskdfja
i am having so much
fun already and im
only like 5 days into
my summer!!! i love it!
i really need to clean
my pool but dad keeps
on blowing it off..
it's pissing me off.
oh well. i watched
an inconvenient truth
and i cried. we are
seriously screwing our
selves over. it's
so sad.

Day slips into night
& the music never fades.
The summer fills the sky
then you turn to me & say
It's alright

- Seven Cities by Solar Stone
wow... the last
day of school
is today!!!
holy crap. I AM
A SENIOR!! wowee
i can't even believe
it. =]

I know this pretty rave girl
Always think about her
When she says hi to me
Butterflies fly right through me

- Pretty Rave Girl by I Am X Ray (or DJ S3rl)
well.. this weekend was fun!
my favorite day though was
hanging out with my dad for his
birthday and with justin as well!
justin bought dad beer lol
and everyone was happy and no
one fought it was sweet lol.
im really happy it went so well
NOW i am working on the finishing
touches of school thank god.
i want out so bad.
my patience gets thinner and thinner
each and every day i am in there.

Here we are, here we are,
windows down we see a falling star.
Stop the car.
Waiting, nothing but our beating hearts, going far.
Oh, the summertime.

- Summertime by Mae
i will write about it
after this weekend.
im so happy!
welll... last night was the prom
and i had a lot of fun!!! i really
did! plus that was my favorite
dress i have ever had! i am going
to put my pictures from the dance up
once i restart my computer. =]
they are all actually very nice!
i am pleased. after the prom me and
justin got a pizza at papa john's
and we went back to his house and
hung out with his mom. omfggg then
the next morning i woke up and me and
esther were talking and she gave me
50 dollars for my report card for the
year!!!!!! i was so happy!!!! she treats
me as if im part of the family! i love
her! well i am going to go for now...

If we hold onto each other
Life would be so sweet
If we hold onto each other
Life would be complete

- Winter by Caroline
ALRIGHT. today was insane and i
didn't go to half of my classes
due to pictures today. ohhh my
i think that is why i was so
darn tired after lunch... i felt
like a zombie. welllll THE prom
is coming up. woot. yeah. i
really don't like to talk about
it a whole lot but when i get
in ways i do. im just happy that
me and all my friends are going
to get to hang out. it will be
a lot of fun. AND justin will be
there! that's a plus! oh my.
BIRTHDAY!!! WOOOOO! i love her
so much. honestly. and im so
happy that her and justin are good
friends. =] i have a lot of home
work right now to do.. idk
why but i am sort of blowing it
off. it's that summer time feeling
lol. i can't wait for the summer!
i was just thinking about the feeling
i get whenever i wake up whenever
i want to... and my house is cold
due to our air conditioning... and
then i go outside to go in the pool
and its so hot out. i know im crazy
lol. WELL i might go to the cottage
for the first time this summer tomorrow
but who knows. Saturday i am going
to north star's musical. it shall
be fun watching Keagan and Evan
being Chinese men. =]

Come with me
Into the tree's
we'll lay on the grass
And let the hours pass
Take my hand
Come back to the land
Let's get away
Just for one day.

- Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns
oh my... well the prom is coming
up and i am very excited. i don't
know why i should get hyped up
over 1 night that is only a couple
hours for an expensive dress... oh
well. i REALLY like my dress. it is
definitely, by far, my favorite
dress i have ever bought. honestlyyy.
lately i have just been trying to
get school work done... and thank
god the summer is coming so soon.
justin gets out this tuesday. =]
that should be nice for him.
OH and i got my ears pierced finally!
lol. my first piercing. i plan to
not get any more done. just because
i don't see any point in getting
new ones... it's sort of silly.
anyways... i've been pretty mellow
lately... i just need something to
get me back up... anything.

You're perfectly flawed
You're perfectly incomplete
Like cracks in the glass
And flames full of grass

- Perfectly Flawed by Otep

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